Cape Clear declared a web services leader

10 Jul 2006

Dublin software company Cape Clear has been cited as a leader in the enterprise services bus space (ESB) of the burgeoning web services market by Forrester Research for the second time running.

“Once may have been an accident, but it’s not by chance that, twice in a row, Cape Clear has been validated as a leader in the ESB space,” said Annrai O’Toole, CEO for Cape Clear.

“This recognition solidifies what our customers have known for years: that Cape Clear’s ESB technology is a highly effective, easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use solution to complex service oriented architecture [SOA] challenges.”

The report said: “Cape Clear retains its leading position in Forrester’s latest review of the stand-alone ESB market. The vendor is one of the pioneers in the ESB category and continues to be among the leaders in technology innovation and strategic vision in this space.

“Aggressive pursuit of emerging web services standards and communication protocols, coupled with good tools for developing and deploying services, make Cape Clear a good choice for companies looking for an advanced ESB that can meet many SOA requirements.”

Cape Clear received the highest score among all vendors in the areas of strategic alliances, corporate strategy, and control and change. Cape Clear also scored 4.2 out of five on criteria assessing its overall strategy, and 4.10 out of five on its current offering.

Commenting on corporate strategy, the Forrester report concludes: “One of Cape Clear’s advantages in the market is the clarity of a single, focused vision from its founder, Annrai O’Toole, who has stayed well aligned with, and even ahead of, industry trends.

“The company has had some success in building out an executive team that can extend and execute this vision. The company’s strategy has been effective in gaining it high visibility in the ESB market, out of proportion to its size,” the report said.

By John Kennedy