Cape Clear goes large in web services drive

7 Nov 2002

Dublin software firm Cape Clear has revealed the next generation of web services for enterprise management and security for large-scale web services deployments.

Code-named Generation 4, the new suite of software should put the company at the forefront of web services development, delivering advanced enterprise functionality in terms of security support, enterprise messaging, XML and better network performance.

Ex-Iona founder and Cape Clear CEO Annrai O’Toole said: “You can measure the impact of web services by the number of organisations involved in evaluating, planning or deploying web services.

“With the basic standards in place, G4 has three major design goals: firstly to make the development of web services as productive as possible; secondly to further ease application integration; and finally to provide sophisticated qualities of service for large scale deployments.”

Cape Clear was established in 1999 by Iona co-founder Annrai O’Toole and last year the firm raised US$16m (†15.9m) in venture capital from Accel Partners, Greylock Capital and Dublin-based ACT Venture Capital.

In recent months Cape Clear succeeded in joining SWIFT, a major global network of financial institutions with a view to speeding up the integration of the banks’ ability to exchange messages valued at trillions of dollars every day. SWIFT is a worldwide community with over 7,000 financial institutions in 197 countries, which are active in payments, securities, treasury and trade services, and collectively exchange trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions over a dedicated messaging platform.

By John Kennedy