Carlow welcomes the tax-MAN

3 Oct 2007

Since the introduction of a wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) to Carlow town in April it is using its status as ‘Ireland’s first wireless town’ to bring, among other things, the Revenue Online Services to its citizens.

Today a ‘WiFi gym’ will be set up in the town centre with free use of laptops so that members of the public can look at the full potential of a wirelessly enabled town, the highlight being paying taxes.

As a part of South East Enterprise Week punters can avail of free demonstrations from the Revenue Online Services on how easy and convenient it is to file their taxes online.

Other promotional days are promised with big names like Google and eBay involved.

The Carlow WiFi project group will also show onlookers how WiFi can be used, including on mobile wireless devices like smart phones, pocket PCs and VOIP phones.

“Carlow Town, being the first town in Ireland with a WiFi network, is a key advantage to helping attract industry into the county and making our current businesses more competitive.

“Carlow is once again leading the way in new efficiencies for businesses,” said Mary McEvoy, economic promotion and development officer for Carlow County Council.

By Marie Boran