Cisco brings Telepresence to Ireland

8 Apr 2008

Cisco has opened the first Telepresence suite for high-tech videoconferencing in Ireland at its Dublin headquarters and announced the availability of this technology for sale here for the first time.

The technology will be available in two models: the Cisco TelePresence 1000, designed for small group meetings and one-on-one conversations; and the Cisco TelePresence 3000, designed for meetings of 12 people or more around a virtual table.

Prices are US$79,000 and US$299,000 respectively.

The first Telepresence was opened in Cisco’s Irish headquarters in Eastpoint Business Park by Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan TD, who commented: “Rising costs, limited time and the environmental impact of global travel means we are increasingly seeking an alternative. Given Ireland’s geographical location and significant position in the competitive global knowledge economy, it is vital that we embrace new technologies to assist Irish businesses in their international activities.”

Cisco Ireland country manager, Michael Galvin, commented: “Technology has had a positive impact on business operations worldwide. Cisco’s TelePresence provides a technology solution to improve critical business relationships. Users experience subtleties and nuances of conversations wherever they are in the world – improving productivity, speeding decision-making and helping to reduce business’ carbon footprint.

The Cisco TelePresence technology combines the industry’s first ultra high-definition 1080p video, high-quality, wideband spatial audio and imperceptible low latency with comprehensive environmental design.

The technology is best delivered over a Cisco-certified TelePresence network connection. Cisco is developing a programme through which Irish service providers may attain TelePresence network certification.

By Niall Byrne