Companies still cautious on web services, says IDC

6 May 2003

According to a recent survey conducted by IDC, organisations are approaching web services in a conservative manner with respect to both the volume of projects undertaken and money spent.

Most organisations are making incremental investments, however, with the expectation that web services will have a constructive impact on business and timely positive return. In fact, an large percentage (88pc) believe that the overall benefits to using web services will increase in the future.

“Organisations are targeting a wide array of solutions with web services technology. These projects range from pure integration to addressing industry specific B2B external processes,” said Sandra Rogers, research director for web services software at IDC. “Although many of the companies studied are in the first stages of adopting this type of computing architecture, most see substantial promise for what web services standards-based design and interoperability have to offer.”

IDC’s research found that most of the web services projects being undertaken are focused on solving a targeted business or automated function, with industry specific processes as prime candidates. It also found that a majority of organisations are currently developing and implementing web services solutions using internal resources, and making incremental software and hardware spending outlays to support these projects.

By Dick O’Brien