Cork Airport beefs up security technology as part of €3m upgrade

19 Feb 2014

Cork Airport has upgraded its baggage security screening system, implemented new screening technology for liquids and gels, and redeveloped the screening and airside vehicle access point for general aviation and private aircraft passengers.

The work, which began in January 2013 and was completed last month, forms part of a €3m redevelopment plan. It is estimated the total cost of the security component of the plan was €2.4m.

The upgrade of the baggage security screening system ensures Cork Airport continues to comply with the latest EU standards, while the new security screening units improve the overall imaging and detection quality.

As part of the upgrade, Cork Airport also introduced new screening technology for liquids and gels that will improve the overall resilience of the security system.

The customer service desk in the main airport concourse has also been expanded to improve visibility for passengers.

Cork Airport has also improved a number of areas for its airline customers and ground handling operators. The airport’s airside vehicle access point has been relocated and reinforced with new gates and a higher security fence.

The staff screening point has also been relocated to this area to promote efficiency and improve overall airside security at the airport.

“This significant €3m investment in Cork Airport will help us to continue to provide an award-winning passenger experience at the airport,” Cork Airport managing director Niall MacCarthy said.

“A long-term perspective view is essential in the airport business and these improvements ensure that Cork Airport’s systems continue to be safe, secure and provide a best-in-class service to the 2.3m passengers who use our airport annually.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years