Cork ISP to invest €500k in cloud computing infrastructure

25 Jun 2010

Cork internet service provider Strencom said it plans to invest €500,000 in building up its private cloud business. The investment will follow on a previous €250,000 investment in cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology.

The company envisages that by 2013 cloud computing will represent 30pc of its business model. Strencom recently revealed plans to double in size over the coming years.

Strencom is now positioned to offer a unique Wide Area Network (WAN) and private cloud solution to address the cost and security concerns of Irish businesses.

Cloud computing categories

IaaS is one of three broad categories of cloud computing, the others being Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). As a provider of IaaS, Strencom provides connectivity to the cloud and acts as the conduit for companies to access the various applications they have hosted in the cloud.

The €250,000 investment in its IaaS structure has been spent on hardware, applications and training for Strencom’s employees. The additional investment is earmarked for the further development of this infrastructure and its private cloud.

Augmenting Strencom’s IaaS service, the company has also invested in its data centre infrastructure. Strencom offers companies the option of hosting applications in its data centre, creating a private cloud with the full flexibility of cloud services.

Strencom’s private cloud will allow customers to know the exact location of their data at all times. Also, they are the only companies who can connect to the data, ensuring total security.

“The investment in our infrastructure allows us to capitalise on the enormous opportunities within cloud computing,” Tim Murphy, founder and managing director, Strencom, explained.

“Strencom is positioned to provide an extremely powerful proposition to Irish businesses with our unique combination of cloud and connectivity services.

“Addressing both the cost and security concerns of adopting cloud computing, we expect our cloud connect service to represent 30pc of our business by 2013,” Murphy added.