Online map charts number of confirmed Covid-19 cases across Ireland

6 Apr 2020

Image: © Jevanto Productions/

A new online dashboard has been created showing the number of Covid-19 cases across the island of Ireland by county and district.

Digital mapping firm Esri Ireland has teamed up with Donegal County Council to create an online dashboard that aims to create a clearer picture of Covid-19 statistics across the island of Ireland.

The free data visualisation tool is updated daily and compiles data from the Department of Health and Public Health Northern Ireland to give an all-island view of the number of confirmed cases, with the ability to filter by county and district.

Charts and graphs on confirmed cases and deaths, as well as breakdowns of age groups, gender and transmission type can be seen. The dashboard also includes the number of healthcare workers infected and number of cases in ICU, with links to the HSE, the Department of Health, Public Health Northern Ireland and the World Health Organization.

Esri Ireland said that it is also making a series of infographics available showing the ‘preparedness’ of each county for the coronavirus, based on population breakdowns, work status of population and the total numbers of healthcare facilities in the county.

A screenshot of the Covid-19 online dashboard showing Irish cases.

Click on the image to be taken to the full version. Image: Esri Ireland/Donegal County Council

Understanding and interpreting data

Dermot O’Kane, head of sales at Esri Ireland, said: “While we are all inundated daily with updates on figures relating to the status of Covid-19 in Ireland, Donegal County Council has taken this data and presented it in a new visually-rich format to help us understand and interpret it in a different way.

“The dashboard also breaks down the figures for counties and regions across the island of Ireland, allowing local councils, decision makers and citizens to focus in on the most relevant information pertaining to their location.”

It follows other efforts by groups to use available data to create a clearer picture of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact. Network monitoring company ThousandEyes released a real-time internet outage map to highlight the strain being placed on networks across the world.

The real-time map is a basic visualisation of global internet health, using billions of measurements to detect when traffic flows are disrupted within internet service providers, public cloud networks and other service providers.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic