Damovo revamps telecoms for Sligo Co Council

28 Jun 2007

Business communications provider Damovo has installed a state-of-the-art converged IP telephony system for Sligo County Council and Sligo Borough Council that will link up 430 council staff across 12 offices.

In addition, the system is capable of speeding up response times from Sligo’s 60,000 residents by making services more accessible and user-friendly.

Damovo has installed Ericsson IP networking telephony for the 430 staff users. The company recently won the tender to supply, install and maintain the entire system.

The system enables all sites to be linked seamlessly with efficient routing of calls and removes the problem of lost and misdirected calls.

Staff can also make free internal calls between all 12 connected offices.

“As part of the national program for local government reform we recently introduced a set of objectives aimed at providing a more streamlined and accessible service to the Sligo public,” said John Clancy, head of information systems at Sligo County Council.

“As part of this, we decided that a major upgrade of our communications systems was necessary. Damovo proved to be the supplier that could meet all of our specific requirements. We now have an integrated IP telephony platform that provides us with more agility, productivity and enhanced levels of public service,” Clancy added.

Features such as “mobile extension” allows staff members to make and receive calls from any location in the county as if they were sitting at their desk with no charges for calls between the mobile and office.

“Sligo local authorities are very progressive organisations and understand the role that modern technology plays in joined up government,” said John McCabe, managing director of Damovo Ireland.

By John Kennedy