Data backup firm launches white-label service at 50 cent a gigabyte

10 Dec 2008

A new data-storage company has over 170 firms subscribing to an online backup service that will be also be made available to telcos and other service providers and resellers from 50 cent per gigabyte (GB).

In a single year,’s channel has grown to over 120 partners, and another 50 companies are currently trialing its online backup service.

“Our Reseller Programme will continue to evolve, ensuring that our channel partners will be supplied with everything they need to maximise their revenue growth and keep up with the explosion of companies requiring online backup for their business,” explained Tom O’Connor of

As well storage starting from 50 cent per compressed GB, has added a number of optional extras, such as an extra server, workstation, licences etc, and professional services, such as white-label telephone support, pipeline generation and telemarketing campaigns to support its partners sales process.

“Online backup is a proven technology; it is the way forward for every business. Tape backup is unreliable – yesterday’s news. Companies understand the vital importance of regular backups, and the need to have their data offsite so they can recover quickly from data loss,” O’Connor explained.

“’s investment in its massive backup network has made it realistic and affordable for companies to use online backup in Ireland, with its direct pricing of €1 per GB. Before we entered the market, other providers were charging between €6 to €15 per GB, and still are. Companies have too much data to be paying so much for storage!”

O’Connor said Irish companies’ data is growing at a rapid rate. “On average, a small office often needs between 100GB to 200GB of data safely stored. When compressed, €1 per GB is a very reasonable cost for the company, which is then also confident in the knowledge that their information is safe, secure and properly protected per legislation.

“We have supplied our channel partners with a unique proposition – our network is supplied as a white-label solution – so their customers will never hear of The channel partner is free to set their own pricing agreements with their customers.

“We supply the channel partner with a block of space, and a control panel to manage it for their customers.  Each channel partner has full control as if they had provisioned their own data vault, without the huge upfront investment and technical experience necessary to do so.

“Our partners are making serious recurring revenue streams from the online backup phenomenon. will continue to bring the cost of online backup down in Ireland, as well as support our partners as they spread awareness of this impressive and important technology,” O’Connor said.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years