Weekend takeaway: Analysing the data-driven future

27 Oct 2017

Image: KK Tan/Shutterestock

Everything you ever needed to know about data science, from careers to innovation, is right here in this compelling sci-tech weekend read.

10 people to follow if you want to work in data science
Data science twitter people

Data science is still one of the hottest jobs in tech right now, but who are the best people on Twitter within the data science sphere?

The volume of data NASA has to manage is mind-bogglingNASA Cassini mission

Spare a thought for the team of data scientists at NASA, which arguably has the toughest job in the business when it comes to managing data.

How Clue is using data science to revolutionise female health

Marija Vlajic-Wheeler

Marija Vlajic Wheeler, senior data scientist at Clue. Image: Deliberate PR

Clue is an app that is using data in exciting ways to make strides in health research.

Here are 9 companies hiring in data science right now

If you like the idea of working in one of the most burgeoning sectors in the tech industry, check out these nine companies with jobs in data science available.

From the core to the edge: Inside Eir’s data revolutionFrom the core to the edge: Inside Eir’s data revolution

We talk to Eir’s head of core IP and optical design, Colin Dalton, about the impact of fibre broadband on the network’s evolution.

How an extrovert maths enthusiast became Accenture’s head of analytics

Paul Pierotti, managing director, Accenture Analytics. Image: Accenture

Sometimes, a career journey is as much about finding balance as finding the right fit for you. Paul Pierotti, Accenture’s head of analytics, tells us how he got to that position.

Intel’s Patti Robb: ‘Autonomous vehicles will be data centres on wheels’

The leader of Intel’s Silicon Valley Autonomous Vehicle Lab says that data and 5G will fuel the cars of the future.

How data is transforming cities into open-air computers

Landscape of the Singapore financial district. Image: anekoho/Shutterstock

Will tomorrow’s cities be healthier, more comfortable and more relaxed than today’s? To accomplish this, cities will need to become much more efficient – in short: smarter.

How can we mitigate ethical and privacy issues in data science?

data representation

With advances in data science creating more automated decision-making tools, how do those in the field mitigate potential problems?

Working with data: It’s more human-centred than you think

From left: Mina Dashti, Anne Sloman, Oonagh O’Shea and Diarmuid Cahalane take part in a panel discussion at Accenture’s AI, Data Science & Big Data Open House. Image: Luke Maxwell

At Accenture’s Open House event, we learned that working with data is as much about dealing with people and putting them at the centre of your decisions as it is about numbers and artificial intelligence.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years