Weekend Takeaway: Adding up the future of data

19 Oct 2018

Image: © kanzefar/Stock.adobe.com

Everything you wanted to know about data science but forgot to ask, including the future of banking, careers in data and pressing issues such as ethics.

Bank of Ireland prepares for the Netflix-style future of banking

Woman reclining on couch completes a transaction on her smartphone.

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Data science will be the linchpin of future personalised banking services, Bank of Ireland’s Colin Kane tells John Kennedy.

Deloitte’s Dublin lab is bringing blockchain into the real world

Aerial view of Dublin's Liffey with a train track running across bridge.

Dublin skyline. Image: David_Soanes/Depositphotos

Blockchain is at a tipping point, going from ideation to solving real-world problems. And Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab in Dublin is at the heart of the action.

How do you become a data science leader? Do the maths

A woman wearing glasses smiles at the camera with her arms casually folded standing in front of a plum background.

Deirdre Dempsey, advanced analytics manager. Image: Three Ireland

Deirdre Dempsey has decades of experience dealing with data analytics, stemming from a strong foundation in mathematics.

Why working in data science is not just a numbers game

A man with short, dark hair in a check shirt sitting at a table with a mug and open notepad smiling at the camera.

Martin McGovern, data scientist, ACIA. Image: ACIA

Maths is a major part of entering the field of data science but there’s a lot more to it than that.

How is IBM Research strengthening security in machine learning?

Dr Irina Nicolae of IBM, pictured with the company logo behind her.

Dr Irina Nicolae of IBM. Image: IBM

Machine learning and AI systems need data to function, but they also need to be actively protected. IBM researcher Dr Irina Nicolae is applying her skills to these complex issues.

Why data journalism is set to become a big story for years to come

Close-up of a needle in haystack, representing data journalism.

Image: © chones/Stock.adobe.com

With media organisations constricted more than ever by dwindling revenues and greater content demands, will data journalism be their greatest weapon?

Want to be a data scientist? Here’s what you need to know

Headshot of a smiling young man with brown hair wearing glasses and an open-neck blue shirt.

Ben Chamberlain, lead data scientist, ASOS. Image: ASOS

ASOS’s lead data scientist, Ben Chamberlain, shares his advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

What are the fundamental soft skills you need to succeed in data science?

A successful business man talking on the phone while smiling and sitting in front of window.

Image: © bnenin/Stock.adobe.com

Data science is more than just a summation of hard skills. You need certain soft skills if you want to progress, writes data scientist Vin Vashishta.

These 8 firms are all hiring in data science right now

Financial,accounting,investment advisor consulting with her team at office.

Image: © jcop/Stock.adobe.com

Data science has grown massively as a discipline in recent years, in part due to how valuable the insights it yields are to businesses. These companies all need data scientists to help them further their enterprise ambitions.

Will the workplace of the future have an in-house data science ethicist?

A dark-haired man hunched over papers and his laptop at his desk. His hand is on his forehead and he is deep in thought about what it is to be a data science ethicist.

Image: © jcomp/Stock.adobe.com

Data scientists need some degree of ethics training. Do companies need to take it a step further and hire dedicated data science ethicists? Could a philosophy degree become a hot commodity in the world of data science?