Datalex, Accenture in KLM web booking deal

24 Apr 2003

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ recently re-launched online booking engine is powered by an advanced web reservations engine developed by Irish travel technology firm Datalex, which it jointly deployed with Accenture.

The system deployed at KLM is based on the Datalex BookIt! consumer internet booking engine and middleware platform, BookIt! Matrix, which enables connectivity between the booking engine and a range of KLM internal systems.

Aidan Brogan, vice-president of international sales at Datalex, said: “Achieving sustainable profitability while continuing to create value for customers and retain their loyalty within a fiercely competitive industry is an enormous challenge for airlines such as KLM.”

“In these days of political and economic uncertainty, forward thinking carriers such as KLM have seen the value of technology investment as a means of achieving greater control of their inventory, managing their yield and reducing costs. More than ever, the use of these technology tools can prove to be the difference between ultimate success or failure,” Brogan said.

The solution deployed at KLM is intended to enhance KLM’s direct relationship with customers and provide extra information and frequent flyer services in a cost-effective way.

The platform uses a simple graphical user interface, supporting multiple languages including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Korean. The traveller profile capability enables users to store an extensive range of personal data that can be used to customise reservations and generate passenger name records for tracking and storing traveller information. The system also includes e-ticketing capabilities.

By John Kennedy