DDoS attacks: The service provider impact (infographic)

3 Mar 2015

It seems the disparity between service providers’ fear of, and preparedness for, DDoS attacks is quite stark. Security company Black Lotus’ survey found almost everyone has protections in place, but they are insufficient.

The company feels that DDoS attacks are only going to continue, growing in scale and severity as access to damaging tools becomes more and more widespread.

“Enterprises have to move from thinking of DDoS as a possibility to treating it as an eventuality,” said Shawn Marck, co-founder and chief security officer of Black Lotus.

Indeed it’s so widespread now that just 16pc of those surveyed reported little or no experience in such attacks, with the vast majority more than aware of the ongoing threat out there.

DDoS Infographic

DDoS attack image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic