Deals done this past week

14 Jun 2010

An overview of the week in deals in the Irish technology sector, including Novosco’s appointment to delploy a Cisco-based virtualised data centre infrastructure at Queen’s University Belfast.

Cloud firm Novosco virtualises data centre at Queen’s

Belfast cloud computing company Novosco has been appointed to deploy a Cisco-based virtualised data centre infrastructure at Queen’s University Belfast. The project represents the first major V-Block deployment throughout the Higher Education sector in the UK and Ireland. Built on Cisco’s Unified Computing System, the new virtualised infrastructure will facilitate significantly greater numbers of virtual machines on the same piece of hardware. Cisco UCS offers centralised management over the computer, networking and storage elements needed to deploy virtual ICT infrastructures. This “wire once, walk away” approach will help address the power management targets within the university’s data centres.

HP settles outsourcing case with BSKyB for stg£318m

Technology giant HP has agreed to pay stg£318m to BSkyB over a failed IT system that EDS sold the broadcaster more than 10 years ago. Earlier this year, a UK court’s decision to tell HP-owned EDS that it had to pay Sky TV stg£200m for a failed CRM system was hailed as the most important IT-related decision to date.

Consumer tech giant licenses Belfast firm’s IP

A major manufacturer of embedded wireless components for consumer devices has licensed Belfast firm APTX’s technology for high-quality wireless stereo via Bluetooth. The technology could soon feature in major electronic OEMs’ goods. Global player Laird Technologies selected APTX’s apt-X technology to optimise the objective sound quality of stereo audio channelled over the 2.4GHz ISM band from all four members of its latest family of Bluetooth modules.