Dediserve reveals pay-as-you-use cloud platform

22 Oct 2010

Following a €650,000 investment, hosted infrastructure provider Dediserve today launched a new flexible pay-as-you-use cloud platform designed to make cloud-based computing attractive and affordable to organisations of all sizes.

The investment went into software development, data centre facilities and an upgraded hardware platform.

The new service can be tailored to a user’s precise computing requirements at any point in time. It can also be instantly scaled up (or down) as user needs evolve.

“If your server requirements are modest, you can start off with a basic level of RAM and storage and a few IP addresses,” explained Aidan McCarron, founder and managing director of the Sandyford-based firm.

“As your needs grow, you can get additional RAM, storage and IPs. It gives you far more control over your server costs in that you only pay for what you use and you can scale up and down dynamically as you need resources,” McCarron said.

Prices are kept very competitive, with users paying €19.95 a month for a virtual server with 0.5GB of RAM and €299.95 for an 8GB machine.  When compared to other providers this represents a 65pc saving.

“At long last, IT users have a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the traditional IT model of making a substantial upfront investment in server hardware,” added McCarron.

Another benefit of the new service, apart from flexibility and cost, is a “no upper limit” provision. In other words, regardless of a user’s RAM or storage requirements, these can be accommodated – and quickly.

“There’s no limit as to how high you can go. We can give you 10GB of RAM or 100GB of RAM. A terabyte of space can be made available to you literally within minutes,” McCarron remarked.

Virtual data centres

As part of the launch, Dediserve is also offering a new Virtual Data Centre service, which allows users to “slice and dice” computing capacity any way they like by means of a simple-to-use control panel supplied by Dediserve.

This means users can design their ideal data centre configuration without having to invest in physical hardware or racks. At the click of a mouse, 10GB of RAM and 200GB can be split into 10 1GB virtual servers or two 5GB machines, for example.

In addition to scalable server and storage capacity, Dediserve will continue to offer a wide range of on-demand software applications from a variety of software partners.

Popular apps include ATMail email, MySQL for database management, WordPress for blogging and SugarCRM. All of these exist as templates built into the virtual servers and can be activated through a simple one-click install procedure.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years