Dell and strike managed cloud hosting deal

5 Jan 2011

Ireland’s first web hosting company to offer cloud hosting in both the shared and virtualised server markets,, has joined forces with Dell to build its offering on Dell EqualLogic and Dell PowerEdge servers in a deal worth more than €100,000. launched its new cloud hosting option this past 1 December. 

Dell has delivered and deployed a solution to provide with storage to power its cloud-hosting offering. Standard advanced features within Dell EqualLogic arrays, such as thin provisioning and rapid deployment, permits to replicate data across multiple data centres, providing security and availability of customer data.

“The Dell team delivered a major competitive advantage on a number of fronts,” said Graeme Conkie, managing director of 

“We are able to provide cutting-edge cloud-hosting technology to our customers with security and availability never seen before in the retail shared hosting market. For customers that need large capacity and scalable hosting services, we can now offer these capabilities through our self-service automated systems, giving full and granular control over every aspect of the hosting service,” Conkie added.

The latest range of Dell servers also allows to reduce its footprint in the data centre and reduce its energy consumption.

The company is now in a unique position within the Irish hosting market in its ability to provide customers with a one-stop shop for their hosting requirements, from a simple brochure site, right up to the busiest e-commerce platforms that can be scaled up or down within minutes, as required.

“With the popularity and growth of cloud computing models, is in an increasingly competitive industry; therefore, the ability to get customers up and running quickly while offering them added services is essential in today’s market,” said David Dolan, regional sales manager, Dell.

“As cloud computing continues to be adopted across enterprises, and more companies outsource their IT services, the Dell enterprise solution will allow the ability expand to meet customer needs.”

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