Dell matches HP’s earlier offer, HP strikes back with US$2bn

27 Aug 2010

The bidding war rages on, as Dell and HP fight for 3PAR. Earlier today, Dell matched HP’s previous offer of US$27 per share. Now HP has offered to buy out 3PAR for US$30 per share in cash.

This boosts the offer to $2bn in total, nearly doubling Dell’s initial bid of $1.13bn.

The offer came just 90 minutes after Dell matched HP’s earlier offer, intensifying the battle to acquire 3PAR.

The two companies have been bidding of 3PAR to integrate their virtualised utility storage services into their companies.

Both companies see these services as being a highly profitable area in the fast-growing cloud computing market.

It will be interesting to see how much longer the bidding will continue for – and how high the price will get.