Dell signs €100k private cloud IT deal with analytics firm Distinct

14 Dec 2012

Dell’s Irish division has secured a €100,000 deal to deliver servers and storage to power Dublin-based analytics-as-a-service provider Distinct’s private cloud analytics and ISO27001:2005 infrastructure.

Dell will provide servers and storage that will extend their virtual infrastructure to enable Distinct to handle their increased number of analytical projects and strengthen the data analytical systems they operate simultaneously for customers.

The new infrastructure will achieve significant cost savings in terms of decreasing the amount of power and cooling necessary to operate systems, and will increase efficiency by allowing them to run more analytical processes for customers at the same time.

Distinct has a track record of delivering results through innovative solutions, helping their clients to reduce costs, generate growth and manage complex risk.

Affordable time-to-value

“Our principal goal is to offer clients a model for transforming their analytical capability with a quick ‘time-to-value’ at an affordable price. In doing so we realise that having an appropriate IT infrastructure in place is key,” said Jonathan Hayes, partner with Distinct.

“As the company experiences growth, it’s essential we can accommodate larger numbers of customers in a trusted and reliable way. We are confident that this partnership with Dell will allow us to achieve significant rewards in the current competitive market. As a team we’re looking forward to leveraging technology in order to enhance what we can offer to our customer.”

Dell Ireland general manager Dermot O’Connell said the ICT partnership will enable Distinct to build and grow its organisation by generating the capability to provide more value for new and existing customers.

“We pride ourselves in the provision of all hardware, from cloud servers and storage right down to end user terminals. By transforming their analytics capability, companies can move forward with confidence that they have the right systems in place to facilitate their growing business needs.”

Business analytics image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years