Deloitte signs €250k broadband deal

28 May 2007

Consultancy firm Deloitte has signed a broadband deal worth €250,000 that includes managing home broadband for over 100 executives.

The company has signed up Centrecom to provide a managed broadband service specifically designed for companies who want their employees to be able to work from home.

The service avails of over 30 different broadband networks across the country to ultimately deploy a single broadband service for companies and empoyees.

Deloitte, which employs 900 people in Ireland, had a need for an integrated platform to serve particular workers’ work-life balance needs.

“A number of our office-based employees work at least one day a week from home,” explained the head of IT and operations at Deloitte John Gray.

“Having Centrecom manage the entire broadband service will greatly simplify home-working for our people, as well as generating significant overhead savings for the firm,” said Gray.

Centrecom chief executive Christopher Plockelman said the aim of the service is to save time and money for businesses and workers who wish to access centralised systems at home and on the move.

“Our HomeWorker Broadband product provides clients with a one-stop-shop for sourcing, installing and supporting broadband across all available broadband networks.

“The service offers business-grade support for users and a single monthly invoice to the company for all employees with broadband. This means greatly reduced overheads in dealing with numerous different broadband providers in terms of account management, technical support and invoicing.

“Centrecom developed this unique product around the principle that only a single point of contact ‘managed service product’ can deliver the financial and logistical requirements for the corporate and the home worker,” added Plockelman.

By John Kennedy