Despite impending doom XP remains world’s second most popular OS

2 Apr 2014

In less than a week’s time, Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows XP. Despite this, according to StatCounter, it is still the world’s second most popular OS.

Failure to change OS will mean users of XP will be open to a myriad of virus and security problems, as Microsoft will no longer be issuing updates or patches to combat cybercrime.

StatCounter Global Stats found that in March, Windows 7 was the global leader on 54.7pc of computers, while XP remains in second place on 18.6pc, more than double Mac OS X (all versions) on 8.6pc of computers.

In Ireland, XP is the third most popular OS with 10.3pc internet usage. Its share has shown little change since the start of the year despite the looming deadline for the end of Microsoft technical assistance and automatic security updates.

Sleepwalking to their computers’ deaths

OS usage March 2014

“Despite the stark warnings and publicity surrounding the end of support in six days’ time, it appears that significant numbers of people are still using XP and sleepwalking into a potential minefield of security and virus risks,” said Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

Windows 7 leads the Irish market on 51.4pc in terms of internet usage, followed by Mac OS X (all versions) on 12.1pc of computers. Windows 8 currently takes up fourth place at 9.2pc, having increased from 5.8pc this time last year.

Despite the risks, XP remains the second most popular OS in terms of internet usage in Europe (15.9pc), South America (17.8pc), Asia (24.9pc), and Africa (30.5pc).

It is third in North America (14.5pc). Oceania, where XP has dropped to fourth on 8pc, appears to be the most progressive continent in terms of upgrading from the almost 13-year-old operating system.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years