Discounted CAD training for out-of-work architects and technicians

12 Jun 2009

Architects, engineers and technicians who have fallen victim to the recession have been offered discounts in computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D modelling training, as well as building information modelling (BIM) technology, which will render CAD obsolete in the years to come.

Paradigm Technology, an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC) based in Dublin, has recently announced a scheme whereby unemployed people can avail of a 50pc discount on all training courses run at its training centre.

As an Autodesk ATC, all courses use Autodesk training courseware, and participants receive an official Autodesk certificate of attendance upon completion of the courses.

Attendees can use the opportunity to up-skill their existing knowledge of well-known packages such as AutoCAD or to learn new design technology such as BIM, which many believe will effectively replace traditional CAD systems over the next few years. Courses in 3D modelling and visualisation techniques are also available.

In addition to the 50pc discount available form Paradigm participants may also qualify for a grant from the Department of Social and Family Affairs under its ‘Technical Assistance and Training Grant’ scheme. This can reduce the cost to less than 15pc of the full course fee.

“This scheme is designed not only to help unemployed designers update their skills in existing technology but, perhaps more importantly, to help them learn new technology,” explained Des McGrane, Paradigm’s training manager.

“In structural and building services engineering, we believe that traditional CAD systems will be obsolete within two to three years, and that practices that do not embrace BIM will be at a serious disadvantage.

“BIM training will enable unemployed engineers to get ahead of the curve in the technology and use their time in a really productive way to increase their job prospects,” McGrane added.

By John Kennedy