Dropbox hits 200m users – reveals new multi-device Dropbox for Business

14 Nov 2013

Dropbox now has more than 200m users worldwide, CEO Drew Houston revealed as the company lifted the wraps on the latest iteration of Dropbox for Business.

In the past year, the company has seen 4m businesses and 97pc of the Fortune 500 companies use Dropbox as a work solution, ranging from media firms, SMBs and start-ups.

The latest iteration of Dropbox for Business connects a personal Dropbox with Dropbox for Business across all devices.

Each Dropbox will be labelled for personal use and work use, and will come with their own passwords, contacts, settings and files.

The new Dropbox for Business comes with a suite of new features, including Sharing Audit Logs, which allow admins to audit the data flow, a Remote Wipe feature that allows admins to delete a Dropbox folder from computers and mobile devices, and Account Transfer, which allows admins to transfer all the files from a deprovisioned user into another team member’s Dropbox.

Helping companies work smarter

“We introduced Dropbox for Business to help companies work smarter,” Houston co-wrote on the Dropbox blog.

“And as more teams picked it up, we discovered a new challenge for businesses and users. On one hand, people wanted to access their personal stuff at work; meanwhile, IT admins wanted to keep company data separate and free of personal files. Both needs were real, but people had to choose between two Dropboxes.

“We thought about this from scratch and designed a solution we’re excited to share: connecting your personal Dropbox to your Dropbox for Business account. This’ll give you a personal Dropbox and a work Dropbox on all of your devices so you’ll never have to choose between them. It’ll be like having your house keys and your work keycard on the same keychain.

“But this is about more than having two places for all your stuff. Take the mobile app – once you connect your Dropboxes, you’ll be able to get to both Dropbox folders from the same Files tab. Dropbox is also smart about making sure your stuff goes where it’s supposed to. For example, photos you add via Camera Upload will instantly show up in the Photos tab, but they’ll stay for your eyes only,” Houston said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years