7 projects shortlisted for Dublin’s open data climate challenge

2 Sep 2022

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The projects include an app to reduce waste, a dashboard on invasive species and an online game about climate action.

Seven projects have been shortlisted for a Dublin competition that aims to use open data to support climate action.

The competition is a Smart Dublin initiative that launched earlier this year. The aim was to find ideas that can support climate action in some shape or form using available data.

After dozens of applications, seven ideas were chosen to develop their ideas into working projects. Those shortlisted have received €1,000, with more prizes still up for grabs.

The seven projects will be showcased at an online webinar on 14 September, where the top three projects will receive prizes. A top prize of €5,000 is up for grabs for the overall winner.

Here are details on the seven projects shortlisted for the Dublin Region Climate Action Open Data Challenge.

GoZeroWaste app

This is an app designed to support waste reduction in Dublin, with gamification and prizes included. The app features more than 100 locations where users can spend time, shop and enjoy their city region more sustainably.

As part of the open data contest, the app has launched a challenge of its own called the Moving Towards Zero Dublin campaign. This challenge invites citizens to take up to 30 actions to reduce their waste and practise new sustainable habits.

Dubliners who participate in the challenge will accumulate points and will be eligible for prizes in the form of gift cards.

Nature Based Solutions Zoning Map

This project is developing a zoning map to help visualise the priority areas for nature-based initiatives. This will allow spatial visualisation of deficiencies in ecosystem services and social need, and serve as a decision support tool.

Cycling Infrastructure

By analysing travel data, this project aims to find the best locations to expand bike-share scheme services. The project also aims to expand cycling infrastructure, such as cycle lanes. The project’s findings will be showcased at the challenge webinar.

iAdapt game

This online game set in 2045 gives players five years to help Dublin. Players are given a budget and a range of options to mitigate climate issues.

Through the challenge, the game was improved by adding live flooding datasets and undertaking engagement activities.

Invasive Species dashboard

This project is working on an interactive web application to let users visualise invasive species in Ireland. A particular focus is on potentially threatened woodlands.

Optimising the Locating and Use of Remote Working Hubs

Remote working hubs have the potential to provide an effective workplace environment closer to people’s homes, potentially reducing traffic pressure and emissions.

Through data science and machine learning approaches, this project wants to find optimal locations for remote working hubs, while finding ways to increase the public awareness and use of these hubs.

Energy Calculator infographics

This project aims to combine data visualisations and narrative infographics to create a ‘citizen and business calculator’. It is hoped this can better illustrate how specific measures can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic