Dublin firm connects 6,000 China Mobile workers

7 Nov 2006

MobileAware has rolled out a major mobile portal for China Mobile’s 6,000-strong workforce in the provincial city of Shenzhen that enables the workers to log into office and finance systems securely using any kind of mobile device.

The system will be rolled out to other Chinese cities in the months ahead.

China Mobile Shenzhen is the largest city-based network branch of China Mobile Guangdong. The system deployed by MobileAware provides China Mobile Shenzhen’s employees with a secure single-portal point of entry to company information, applications and services such as human resources, office administration, finance and IT from any device.

The system, known as Shenzhen Mobile Phone Portal (SZMPP), was designed and deployed within five months and will be rolled out to other provincial cities in China to drive further employee productivity and operational efficiencies with China Mobile’s largest provincial operator.

Since the system was launched an estimated 1,800 employees of China Mobile Shenzhen have accessed SZMPP 20,000 times using 300 unique mobile device types.

“SZMPP is the ideal solution to address our employees’ ever increasing demand for anytime, anywhere access to corporate information,” commented Mr Li, researcher and project leader at Shenzhen Mobile.

“MobileAware’s ability to leverage existing portal infrastructure was a major advantage, as we strive to increase the return on investment of existing enterprise assets. Their unrivalled expertise in delivering successful mobile projects to some of the world’s largest operators and enterprises was also a key factor in ensuring the success of our project,” Li said.

Li said Shenzhen Mobile selected MobileAware’s Mobile Interaction Server for its ability to integrate with the company’s diverse J2EE and .NET software infrastructure and for ensuring the delivery of device-tailored content to the wide range of devices used by Shenzhen Mobile employees.

MobileAware also provided mobile portal design, integration and delivery expertise and is currently employed as a key advisor in Shenzhen Mobile’s long-term strategy of offering managed mobile communication services to large corporate customers.

By John Kennedy