Dublin hosts global security seminar

23 Aug 2007

With the theme of ‘Privacy in the 21st century’, Jury’s in Croke Park will play host to a seminar for Global Security Week to be held on September 5th.

The seminar will feature talks from Tony Delaney, assistant commissioner for the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, and Caspar Bowden, Microsoft’s chief privacy advisor for the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) region.

With the increasing uptake of mobile devices such as USB memory sticks, and the use of wireless networks, the issue of keeping track of and protecting personal and business data, is a topical one.

The seminar is aimed at both organisations and individuals looking to protect their private data against data theft.

A number of topics will be covered including the rights and responsibilities of businesses, user-centric identity management, security standards, and compliance and best practice.

Global Security Week was launched in 2005, and is held annually in the week leading up to September 11th.

BH Consulting, the organiser behind Global Security Week, points out that “security in general, and information security in particular, has become a vitally-important sociological and business issue.

“Commercial and governmental organisations are investing heavily in technical security controls but the security problems caused by people remain largely unaddressed.”

By Marie Boran