Dubliners talk for Ireland

18 Aug 2005

Dubliners spend more time talking on the phone than any other county in Ireland with the average Dubliner spending six hours and eight minutes monthly using their landline phone to make local, national, international and mobile calls.

The survey, carried out by Eircom, focused on calls made more than 12 months across all 26 counties and excludes calls to premium rate and 11811 numbers.

Meath, Monaghan, Kildare and Cork rounded out the top five chatterbox counties after Dublin.

Wexford people spend just under five hours (four hours and 49 minutes) per month on the phone, an astonishing one hour and 19 minutes (27pc) less than Dubliners.

Monaghan residents made more calls on average each month (96 calls) than any other county. This translates into 10 more calls per customer per month than the national average and a whopping 16 more calls than Wexford, which made the fewest.

Dubliners also have the longest average call duration when they pick up a phone and talk to friends and family, staying on the phone for over four minutes (four minutes and 12 seconds).

Donegal residents stay on the phone the shortest, with an average call lasting three and a half minutes.

Eircom marketing director Michael Kennedy commented: “This study revealed some very interesting insights into the calling habits and changing lifestyles of the nation. Of course, it would be great to discover what the nation is talking about and find out why these regional variations exist. However, there is no disputing that Dubliners really do talk for Ireland.”

By John Kennedy