Eco-architect invests in Sage online expenditure system

17 Jan 2011

An independent environmental and architecture consultancy has invested in Sage Coretime to increase efficiency and productivity.

Coady Partnership Architects is an independent design-driven environmental consultancy. Based in Dublin, the company has significant projects in many parts of Ireland.

Founded in 1987, the practice includes a professional/technical staff of almost 30 led by three senior and experienced partners. The Coady Partnership has implemented Sage Coretime to increase its level of efficiency and productivity while allowing them to maintain their present levels of service and design excellence.

“Before we installed the Coretime solution, our designers were using manual timesheets”, explained Owen O’Leary, business manager, Coady Partnership Architects.

“Our staff had to fill these in by hand every week, which was a headache. My back-office team then had to download those timesheets into our existing accounting solutions which was both time-consuming and prone to inaccuracy.”  

Time recording and project management

Sage Coretime is an easy-to-use time-recording and project-management solution which enables users to enter data, including expenses, via the internet from any location, at any time.

“This allows us to demonstrate our actual time on client business, which is a crucial part of demonstrating the return on investment that our work brings to clients’ business,” O’Leary said. “It also ensures that all of our hard work is reflected in increased recovery on each of our projects.”

Coady Architects also uses the solution to raise invoices and they tag time within Coretime and feed that into the invoice.

The solution also provides managers with an accurate and instant overview of real-time project costs, resource deployment and activity levels.

“Coretime’s reporting capabilities allow us to review cost data, on a real-time basis, line by line and for every project”, says Owen. “This means that we are able to compare actual costs to budget quickly and accurately.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years