Eircom launches 12Mbps broadband

31 Jan 2008

Eircom today introduced 10Mbps and 12Mbps broadband products and said that customers currently availing of 2Mbps, 3Mbps, 4Mbps and 6Mbps products will see speeds double to 3Mbps, 7.6Mbps, 10Mbps and 12Mbps respectively.

Ireland’s communications regulator ComReg also revealed that Eircom has proposed lower wholesale bitstream broadband prices for competitors.

ComReg said in a statement that the pricing schedule for Eircom’s wholesale products has been updated. “The amendments will result in lower wholesale broadband prices for Eircom’s competitors who are providing retail broadband services.

“They will also result in faster broadband speeds for consumers becoming available over the coming months, pending consultation between Eircom Wholesale and other operators availing of the wholesale broadband service.”

Eircom said the new speed upgrades and wholesale price reductions will be introduced on a phased basis over coming months.

In terms of the broadband upgrade, more than 240,000 wholesale and retail customers of Eircom will see their broadband speeds increase. For example, a 2Mbps broadband customer of the company will automatically be upgraded to 3Mbps, while a 4Mbps customer will be upgraded to 10Mbps.

“Eircom is responding directly to customer needs and levels of broadband usage by introducing increased speeds,” said Eircom chief executive Rex Comb.

“Customers are maximising the benefits of their broadband connection through the increased use of online applications such as video streaming, online gaming, music downloads and peer-to-peer applications.

“The introduction of these higher speeds benefits broadband users nationwide and is the next step in the rollout of Eircom’s next generation network (NGN),” Comb added.

By John Kennedy