Email spam and phishing trends (infographic)

25 Jun 2012

Sixty-eight out of 100 emails in February 2012 were spam and one email out of 298 was identified as phishing during that same month, an infographic reveals.

Phishing is only one reason spam makes email users want to weep. Besides possibly containing links to malware or malicious websites, sifting through and deleting a high volume of spam can take up time better spent doing something else.

The infographic by EmailTray published on does offer some positive news, though: the amount of spam has decreased since February 2011, and it outlines tips on what to do to avoid being scammed.

Other information using data from PhishTank and a February 2012 Symantec Intelligence Report is illustrated on the infographic, including what country is receiving the most spam, the most popular email spam categories, and brands that are the most popular phishing targets.

Email spam trends

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic