EMC signs cloud infrastructure deal with United Drug

16 Dec 2011

EMC has signed a deal with healthcare provider United Drug to move its IT infrastructure and its data to the cloud.

This will allow United Drug to store its information on a virtual platform. It will use a private cloud model to hold its rapidly growing volumes of data, which will eliminate multiple storage tiers and inadequate disk space.

“Through this deal with United Drug, we are accelerating the healthcare provider’s journey to the private cloud computing, helping their IT department to store, manage, protect and analyse their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way,” said Jason Ward, EMC’s country manager.

“Organisations, particularly those in the healthcare sector where data volumes are growing exponentially, need to constantly review their strategies for backup and recovery to ensure that they can meet basic business requirements and deal with sophisticated new threats from cyber criminals,” said Ward.

Tim Buckley, United Drug’s group IT director, said that over the years, the firm’s IT department has changed to suit new business requirements.

“We have evolved from simply keeping up with the demands of ever-greater storage and server needs by flexibly aligning our IT with the business to a position now where we are able to deliver a new level of service to the business in terms of a service catalogue and chargeback facilities,” said Buckley.