Energy company makes email downtime a thing of the past

1 Sep 2008

The first implementation of a solution that eliminates email downtime has been put in place for a company responsible for 10pc of the country’s energy supply.

Tynagh Energy, the company behind the construction and operation of Galway’s first power station, said Microsoft Exchange Server outages are unacceptable and its engineers must have access to email on a 24×7 basis.

Technology services company IT Force has deployed the Teneros email continuity system for the first time in Ireland at Tynagh’s operations centre in Santry in Dublin.

“We cannot afford our Exchange server to go down, as our team is heavily dependant on email operations,” explains Jacqueline Mahon, finance manager at Tynagh Energy.

“We generate and trade circa 10pc of the country’s energy supply on a daily basis and we simply must have access to email on a 24 x 7 basis.”

Due to the unacceptability of a Microsoft Exchange Server outage, whether planned or unplanned, Tynagh Energy needed to find an Exchange continuity solution that would guarantee the level of security to ensure 24 x 7 email continuity and uninterrupted trading.

“Prior to the deployment of the solution, we had suffered the painful consequences of a server outage on at least two occasions. This was extremely disruptive to business,” explains Mahon.

“The nature of our organisation demands that we operate with zero email downtime on a 24 x 7 basis. The Teneros solution from IT Force ensures we have this.”

Teneros is a ‘failover-based appliance’ that provides extremely reliable continuity of email when the Exchange server is down for regular maintenance, restoration of a corrupt mail store, or some other unplanned outage.

“The solution requires no configuration of, modification to, or additional software on the Exchange server or network infrastructure,” explains Joe Molloy, sales director of IT Force’s Managed Services Division.

IT Force’s research shows that most SMEs in Ireland lack a contingency plan for email outages. “This is very risky because ultimately email is their primary means of communication with customers and co-workers,” says Molloy.

“The problem is, until recently, email continuity solutions were too expensive or difficult to deploy and manage. Teneros has put an end to this and we are now in the process of recommending and deploying it to a number of our email-dependent clients.”

Tynagh Energy has also selected IT Force to manage its entire IT environment through a Managed Support Service.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years