Esat BT signs up 3,500 early birds

28 Jul 2003

Esat BT has said that some 3,500 people have subscribed to its IOL Anytime flat rate internet access service launched a month ago.

Esat BT boss Bill Murphy said that the signing of 3,500 new customers indicated that the Irish market is a healthy market for FRIACO services. “FRIACO is a key stepping stone to broadband and I am optimistic that the early adopters of FRIACO today will be our broadband customers of tomorrow.

“Against the backdrop of the current economic climate, services that will help push down the costs are to be welcomed,” Murphy said.

The IOL Anytime offering is a two-tiered service for which the residential service is priced at €30 per month for 180 hours access and the business offering is priced at €45 per month for 260 hours access.

Demand is understood to have been driven by the €20 a month Early Bird offer which closes later this week (31 July).

The Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Dermot Ahern TD, lauded the outcome. “I have always maintained that with certainty in pricing, the public would take up Internet packages and go online in their thousands. I have always believed that FRIACO would deliver such growth,” Ahern said.

By John Kennedy