European Movement deploys Sage Accounts Plus

22 Jun 2010

Voluntary organisation European Movement Ireland has deployed Sage Accounts Plus to to streamline processes, be more productive and bring the finance function in-house.

European Movement Ireland is a voluntary organisation that explains the work of the European Union in a jargon-free way.

The organisation was founded in 1954 by 100 Irish people who wanted to inform people and companies here in Ireland about Europe and EU issues. European Movement Ireland is also part of an international network of pro-European organisations.

Under the management of the executive director, the team of eight are constantly looking for new ways to bring Europe to the people and to answer any questions people might have about the EU and all things Europe related.

“We run a tight ship here as we are always looking for value for money”, explains June Brown, administrator, European Movement.

“We felt that we could save money by implementing a sophisticated, efficient and easy-to-use software solution that would allow us to move the accounting administration function in-house.”  European Movement selected Sage Instant Accounts because it includes all basic ledgers, invoicing, streamlined banking facilities, a set of useful financial and management reports and VAT management.

“With Sage Accounts Plus, users in the European Movement can now harness the power of the internet by taking advantage of its e-banking facility. This allows the organisation to make electronic payments and request statements for reconciliation whenever they are required.  

“We find the key features for us are logging our information simply and consistently,” Brown adds.

“Having a complete view of the business information; bank balance, profit and loss, sales, stock, debtors and creditors is vital.”

Sage Accounts Plus accounts software contains pre-configured screens to help users record information. These are designed to make the process quick and easy for users who are unfamiliar with accounting software. Also, dashboards in Sage Instant Accounts allow users to see snapshots and thus keep track of money going in and out of their business.

“Sage Accounts Plus takes a lot of the work out of our finances for us,” Brown says.

“We put in the numbers and it does all the crunching for us and produces the kinds of reports we need, as well as accurate recording and up-to-date analysis.  We are now much more productive and independent and we have all our financial information in-house. We have achieved our objectives and we have improved productivity and efficiency.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years