Evernote boss promises more stable cloud app

6 Jan 2014

Evernote CEO Phil Libin

The CEO of cloud record keeping app Evernote Phil Libin has promised to address bugs that arrived with the release of the Evernote app for iOS 7.

Libin acknowledged that while the iOS 7 app gained many new users, rushing to rebuild the app for the new platform resulted in stability problems that “disproportionately hit longer-term customers.”

Libin was responding to a post by tech blogger Jason Kincaid who hit out at issues that are affecting data retention, resulting in the loss of ideas – the extreme opposite of what Evernote is supposed to be about.

He listed a number of faults including, lost audio recordings.

Libin said there are 164 engineers working at Evernote, with 150 of them assigned to core software products.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing new versions of all the apps that incorporate our many lessons learned about what does and doesn’t work,” Libin said.

“All of our apps will be getting significant improvements and simplifications to the user experience starting in the next few weeks. The five most important areas of improvement that we’re targeting on all platforms are note editing, navigation, search, sync and collaboration.

“Our new philosophy is to find every spot in our products where we’ve been forced to make a trade-off between doing what’s simple and doing what’s powerful, then rethink it so that the simplest approach is also the most powerful. We know we’ve found a good design for something when that conflict disappears. It feels like magic when that happens, and we’ll have several bits of magic in the coming months,” Libin said.

Video interview with Phil Libin at Dublin Web Summit, October 2013:

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years