Farmers upset at onset of electronic payments

1 Feb 2008

Irish farmers are aghast that the Department of Agriculture is going to make it compulsory to direct all farm payments by electronic transfer from this year onwards, and would rather continue to be paid by cheque.

IFA Deputy President, Derek Deane, has expressed serious concern with regard to the decision that it will be compulsory for all direct farm payments to be made into a farmer’s bank account by electronic transfer for the 2008 schemes and beyond.

He said this will lead to a significant number of farmers not being paid.
Deane said that farmers as a right should have the option of whether they get paid directly into their bank or not.

“If this option is not given, up to 10,000 farmers will not be paid in the normal way,” he said.

Deane said that some farmers have greater trust in getting a cheque directly from the Department of Agriculture and then deciding where the money would be lodged.

“Many farmers deal solely with Credit Unions and An Post who are not part of the electronic transfer system,” he warned.

By John Kennedy