First look at Google’s new Chrome OS netbook

6 Jan 2011

LAS VEGAS – got a first gawk at the forthcoming Chrome OS netbook – a completely browser-based netbook running on Intel’s Atom processor.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Dan Rogers from Intel’s product marketing division showed me a beta version of the forthcoming netbook, named the CR-48, running Chrome OS.

It truly is a browser-based platform – there is nothing else – and this can be quite disconcerting because you are at first looking for some kind of menu screen.

First pure cloud-based operating system

The appearance of the device is that of a basic bog standard netbook, all matte black with a Chrome logo emblazoned on the front. The device is light and functional, but at first glance it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Then again, this is a prototype and may not be the finished article.

“This is really the first pure cloud-based operating system,” Rogers explained.

“What is really impressive about it at first is the high levels of security and great battery life, as well as the high resilience.

“Literally, everything is done through the browser,” he said.

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