Five of the most infamous hackers and hacking collectives (infographic)

22 Mar 2014

Infamous hackers and hacker groups have inspired a new infographic that not only takes a closer look at those who reached the height of hackdom, but also offers statistics about hacking.

The infographic by American Internet Services (AIS) published on begins by revealing a few facts and figures about hacking.

For example, it only takes a hacker 10 minutes to crack a password that is all lowercase and six characters in length. However, a password that contains extra letters, including some in upper case, increases the time a hacker would take to crack it to three years.

The five infamous hackers and hacking groups the infographic then highlights are Chaos Computer Club, Milw0rm, Anonymous, Kevin ‘The Condor’ Mitnick, and Max ‘Iceman’ Butler.

Hacker concept image via Shutterstock


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic