Fujitsu moves into cloud-based mobile device management

20 Jun 2012

Fujitsu has launched a cloud-based, mobile device management service that enables organisations to regain control and manage access to company data on mobile devices used by employees.

Increasingly, employees are using their own smartphones or tablets for work purposes. This service, ‘Managed Mobile’, gives organisations a ‘long arm’ to control or remove corporate applications and data that is on a device held by an employee whether owned by them personally or by the company.  

“The line between personal and corporate time in the day is becoming blurred as employees exploit the mobility of data and connectivity to work when it suits them and their job requirements better,” said John Docherty from Fujitsu Ireland.

BYOD device trends

“As the trend of employees using their own devices to access email or work-related programmes evolves, organisations and their data are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches. Managed Mobile from Fujitsu makes them masters of their own data once again.”

In many cases, the IT department of the organisation has limited management of the mobile devices employees want to use to access corporate data. This leads to significant security issues should the device be lost or stolen or if the employee leaves the company.

In these events, or if the device is in unauthorised use (for example, unapproved software downloads on company devices or an incidence of hacking), it can be decommissioned in real-time.

Managed Mobile differentiates between employee and company-owned devices, resets can be performed selectively, removing company data from an employee’s own device immediately without interfering with their personal data, pictures or music. This is achieved by tagging all corporate data that has been delivered to the device.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years