Google destroys 25 laptops to show off Chrome OS cloud

10 Dec 2010

Google has released a video demonstrating the cloud capabilities of its Chrome OS by showing what happens to your documents should your laptop be destroyed in numerous creative ways.

The video, hosted by Google Chrome UX designer Glen Murphy, demonstrates how data is still safe regardless of what happens to the user’s laptop.

The video shows Murphy making a “Lost Cat” poster for a friend. However, throughout the video, each laptop, a CR-48 pilot model, gets taken away and gets destroyed.

One unlucky laptop gets smashed to pieces by hurling coffee, a toaster, a garden gnome and a kitchen sink at it. Another gets frozen with liquid nitrogen and is then flung downward at a sharp object, smashing it to pieces.

However, Murphy, after getting handed a new laptop each time, logs back in and resumes designing the poster from where he left off.

In the making of the video, 25 laptops were destroyed.

It’s certainly a creative marketing video – there’s something fun about watching each laptop get smashed to pieces – but most users probably aren’t lucky enough to get handed a brand new model every time they’re feeling destructive.

Don’t try this at home, kids.