Google Drive set to launch next week?

17 Apr 2012

Possible screenshot of Google Drive (Source: The Next Web)

Google Drive, Google’s rumoured cloud storage service, could see a release next week. It may provide users with 5GB of cloud storage for PC, Mac, iOS and Android users.

The Next Web obtained a draft release from a possible Google Drive partner which gives information on the new service.

Google Drive could offer 5GB of storage for free and will let users pay extra for more space. This is in line with previous rumours and would give Google Drive an edge over its biggest rival Dropbox, which offers 2GB of cloud storage for free by default.

The service may launch for PC, Mac, iOS and Android users. It could work ‘in desktop folders’ on Mac and Windows computers.

Rumours of Google Drive have been floating since 2006, and in February 2012, reports suggested that Google was finally ready to launch it. While it was previously suggested that it will launch in the first week of April, the latest rumours claim that Google Drive may launch in the middle of next week, though nothing is confirmed.