Google gets business searching boxed off

21 Apr 2006

Google has launched a new appliance with technology that is capable of searching information and reports created from a wide range of software packages, including business intelligence software from SAS.

Dubbed OneBox for Enterprise, the software tool sits on the Google Search Appliance hardware device. It lets people sift through internal company documents using the familiar Google search interface and is based on the same technology that provides information for visitors to the website.

Whereas the Search Appliance makes a company’s enterprise network searchable, OneBox for Enterprise extends this by searching within specific business applications. Google has signed with several leading developers of enterprise software including Cisco, Oracle, Cognos, SAS and This capability will be available from summer and Google is reportedly looking to encourage other providers to make their software compatible with the OneBox.

When used with SAS enterprise business intelligence, typing a phrase such as ‘fourth quarter 2005 sales’ into a Google-powered search engine on a company network will return a snapshot of relevant information including reports, data, and analysis along with links to other results that could consist of the top-selling products, top salespersons or top 10 customers for that time period.

Dave Girouard, vice-president and general manager of Google Enterprise, said in a statement: “We’re aiming to make enterprise search as comprehensive and useful as web search and our partnership with SAS is a big step forward in that direction.”

By Gordon Smith