Google Music being tested internally, close to launch?

25 Mar 2011

Google is testing out its own streaming and download-based music service, meaning Google Music could be close to launch, reports suggest.

According to CNET’s sources, Google employees are testing the service internally.

Google Music will reportedly be both a downloading service and a cloud-based music-streaming service, letting users store songs online for a subscription of US$25 per year.

The service could scan your hard drive for songs which would then be stored in the cloud for easy access and may have social elements similar to iTunes’ Ping. It could also have mobile integration and could be tied with YouTube’s music videos.

However, the challenge is making agreements with record companies and CNET claims Google still does not have the licences it needs to make Google Music a reality just yet. Record companies have not yet signed up for a music service to the scale at which Google is planning and negotiations are still ongoing.

Regardless, if Google Music is finalised and launched, it could be a major challenger to iTunes and Spotify.