Google Now PA capabilities to emerge on Drive, says Google’s Scott Johnston (video)

8 Nov 2014

Google’s attempts to bridge the online and offline worlds will soon take a step forward with exciting new personal assistant capabilities similar to Google Now and Inbox that will feature in Google Drive.

Speaking with at the Web Summit in Dublin this week Google’s product management director for Google Drive Scott Johnston said that new intelligence will start to crop up in Google’s cloud and storage products.

“The cloud is far from perfect and we have a long way to go. But soon you will see computers doing things for users without them having to ask. We are focused right now on how you suggest and assist people.

“For example if you turn up at a meeting three or four documents will already be shared with the people you are meeting.

“Where we are going with Drive is very similar to what we are doing with Inbox, we want to make sure people are prepared and ready for things without having to ask.”

Johnston said there is an intrinsic link between the use of cloud technology and the improved performance of businesses and organisations.

“Firstly because of the cloud all your content is safe. Companies are not losing things and discs aren’t getting lost, those problems are going away. Secondly you can get information on any device, anywhere. And thirdly it is really easy to share the right information. Things that used to be emailed around are centralised and there’s less possibility of people reading the wrong version.

“We are seeing ideas flow faster, consensus reached much quicker than before and that’s our thesis for why we think people who adopt cloud are growing their businesses faster.”

The Web Summit 2014: Interview with Scott Johnston of Google

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years