Google’s cloud storage service Drive to launch in April?

28 Mar 2012

Google’s rumoured cloud storage service Drive may be unveiled during the first week of April. The service will reportedly let users store their files online to retrieve them from multiple devices.

GigaOm reports that Google Drive will have 1GB of storage space for free and will charge if users need more storage.

It will reportedly come with a local client and its interface will resemble Google Docs. It may launch for Google Apps and could be domain specific.

Google has reportedly built an API for third-party apps with this service, letting users store content from other apps to Google Drive.

Rumours of a Google cloud storage service have been floating around since 2006 and in February 2012, reports suggested that Google was finally ready to launch this offering.

The service could rival cloud storage company Dropbox, which has more than 45m users who saved 1bn files every few days in October 2011. Dropbox also turned down an acquisition offer from Apple.

Dropbox offers 2GB of cloud storage for free, which seems to be more competitive than Google Drive’s rumoured features. We should find out in April if this is the case.