Hackers have taken down major French TV network TV5Monde

9 Apr 2015

In what has been described an “extremely powerful cyberattack”, TV5Monde went off air in the past few hours, taking with it 11 channels that are seen all over the world.

The attack has been linked to Islamic State (ISIS), and began last night, according to Yves Bigot, director of the network.

“We are no longer able to broadcast any of our channels. Our websites and social media sites are no longer under our control and are all displaying claims of responsibility by Islamic State,” said Bigot last night.

The hackers got into the network’s social media accounts and started posting threats against French troops, before publishing alleged ID cards and details of French soldiers involved in operations affecting ISIS.

“The sites are inaccessible and television can no longer broadcast at the moment. We strive for a swift return to normalcy. Thank you for your understanding,” said the network.

If the hackers are truly associated with ISIS then it’s the biggest cyber coup yet of the Islamic extremists.

According to the Irish Times, the group accused French president Francois Hollande of making a “great mistake” by sending the French military “to serve sneaky American kuffar in a footless war with our brothers”.

“That’s why Parisians received January ‘gifts’ in Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket from our brothers mujahideen Cheriffe and Said Kuashi and Amedi Coulibaly,” said the hackers on the broadcaster’s Facebook page.

At the moment, it seems the social media sites, at least, are back under TV5Monde’s control.

TV broken image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic