HiberniaEvros to create 50 jobs through €1.6m investment

18 Feb 2011

Irish managed services company Hibernia Evros has invested €1.6m in a new cloud computing division that will create 50 jobs over the next three years.

The new division, which has already signed a number of customers, provides computing on demand to allow companies of all sizes to outsource fully their entire IT infrastructure requirements.

“Just as many companies are moving to software-as-a-service (SaaS) rather than have it on premise, this allows organisations to adopt infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS),” commented Brian Larkin, operations director, HiberniaEvros.

“There is no reason why IT infrastructure should not be as easy and cost effective to use as electricity or water with the flick of a switch or tap. The technologies and environment are now available to make this happen.”

Largest investment since 2008 merger

This is the single largest investment by the group since it was formed in 2008 following a merger of long-established IT firms, Hibernia Technology and Evros. HiberniaEvros reported sales last year of €22.4m.

“We are bringing to the Irish market what we believe to be a unique infrastructure in the cloud service which is turnkey, consultancy driven and managed 24/7,” added Larkin.

“We will hand hold and fully implement the service. We already have 20 years of experience of providing IT managed services. Despite all the hype, the cloud is just an alternative delivery channel for your IT requirements.”

He said the benefits to business were lower overheads, no capital expenditure, rapid scalability and ease of use.

“We estimate that an organisation can not only cut its IT costs by up to 35pc by using infrastructure as-a-service but this allows companies to refocus resources on its core business.” HiberniaEvros charges a monthly subscription based on actual usage.

The company has already signed up a number of customers, including Irish classified ads website, DoneDeal.ie, which has server demand and web traffic of 8m customer visits per month.

“Our main focus is on our customers, not just IT,” commented John Warburton, COO, of DoneDeal.ie. “The HiberniaEvros IaaS eliminates the headache and cost of IT staffing, maintenance and upgrades. Apart from cost savings, the beauty of this is the flexibility to scale up on demand if necessary.”

HiberniaEvros, which has offices in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Kildare, provides managed services to 800 organisations across Ireland.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years