Hosting firm cuts .ie rates by 13.5pc

5 Feb 2007

Irish web hosting firm Novara has reduced its .ie web registration fees by 13.9pc, the company told The company says the upsurge in blogging sites is a key factor in determining standards in the field.

The company says the reduction puts it on a similar footing in the market for .ie domain registrations to its nearest competitor Hosting365 which historically maintained a 20pc price difference across its product sets.

Novara managing director Eoin Costello says that the vociferous nature of Irish blog sites are providing reliable indicators of customer satisfaction standards in the field of .ie domain registrations.

“While our company carries out regular customer satisfaction surveys, external independent measures of customer service are not available in the Irish market,” said Costello.

“Irish blogging sites are often the only independent indication of the standard of support of a particular provider,” he opined.

“Previously the big Irish hosting companies controlled various Irish bulletin boards by either sponsoring them or owning them, thus making it difficult for independent voices on the hosting industry to be heard. This is now a thing of the past thanks to blogs,” Costello added.

By John Kennedy