HP unveils new suite of security services

15 Sep 2011

HP has taken the wraps off an extensive range of security services and technologies to protect businesses from threats in areas ranging from mobility to cloud computing and social networks.

Following a spate of recent acquisitions in the space, and hot on the heels of a major strategic relaunch under CEO Leo Apotheker, HP said its newly announced Enterprise Security Solutions portfolio is intended to help large businesses to establish and operate comprehensive security strategies and to manage their risk.

Combining capabilities from ArcSight and Fortify (both acquired in 2010), in addition to TippingPoint (acquired via 3Com in 2009), HP said this would be a foundation for a unified approach to enterprise security, comprising correlation, application protection and network defence technology.

Classed as a security information and event management (SIEM) product, ArcSight Express 3.0 delivers correlation, log management and user-activity monitoring to improve an organisation’s ability to rapidly detect and prevent cyber threats. HP’s Reputation Security Monitor provides HP ArcSight clients with a real-time list of known bad IP and DNS addresses to combat attacks that exploit web application vulnerabilities.

Fortify Software Security Center suite tests application security, either on-premise or on-demand and HP claims it can scale to identify vulnerabilities in thousands of applications.

TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine (WebAppDV) 2.0 service protects commercial and custom-built online applications with real-time identification of vulnerabilities in web applications, and delivery of virtual patches until a fix can be developed.

“Organisations today are quickly realising the importance of a comprehensive risk management strategy to securing assets across their corporate infrastructures and protecting corporate reputation,” said Jan Zadak, HP’s executive vice-president for global sales and enterprise marketing.

According to research carried out for HP, cyber threats have become more sophisticated, persistent and unpredictable, growing in volume and complexity. More than 50pc of senior business and technology executives believe that security breaches within their organisations increased during the past year. Close to 30pc responded that they experienced a security breach by unauthorised internal access, while 20pc said that they had experienced an external breach.

Gordon Smith was a contributor to Silicon Republic