IAB Europe awards MEP Sean Kelly for standing up for data privacy rights (video)

24 May 2013

Sean Kelly, MEP, in Barcelona this morning

Sean Kelly, Fine Gael MEP for Ireland South, has been selected to receive the prestigious IAB Europe Award for Leadership and Excellence for his approach to dealing with privacy concerns over shortcomings in the European Commission’s data protection proposal.

IAB Europe represents more than 5,500 online advertising media, research and analytics organisations.

Kelly, who serves as the EU’s Industry Committee Rapporteur for the General Data Protection Regulation, gave a keynote to 500 internet industry delegates in Barcelona this morning at the 7th  annual Interact conference on the proposed data regulation on businesses in Europe – the largest reform of data privacy law in two decades.

“We are making significant progress in the area of data protection regulation legislation in the European Union, balancing consumer privacy rights while also supporting innovation in electronic media. The Interact Congress award highlights how digital media technology has become a core element of business advertising strategy and investment,” Kelly said.

In describing the decision to award Kelly, the CEO of IAB Europe Kimon Zorbas said Kelly stands out.

“He met with stakeholders across the spectrum and introduced new and powerful privacy concepts that addressed shortcomings in the European Commission’s data protection proposal. Kelly’s approach to dealing with privacy concerns demonstrates a deep understanding that the data-driven economy is crucial for growth and jobs in Europe, as well as the importance of balancing this with consumer trust.”


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years